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The Baby GetUp

I am a big fan of functional movements, as well as body mechanics. I am a firm believer that most injuries are caused by breakdowns in our mechanics.

That is also a reason why I am such a big fan of P90X2. X2 works on people's weaknesses, which, does not make many people happy. I hear a lot of people who dislike doing X2 for various reasons, including the fact that they don't believe they "burn enough calories," or because they, "suck at balance."

Fine. But I have seen, first-hand, at how X2 can work on your weaknesses and force you to become better at movement, so that you can in fact do other things better.

Another example of this, and one I am sure you fellow geeks out there will enjoy, is the Baby GetUp. Perry Nickelston breaks down why this is important and how it can be implemented into your training over on his website, so I will let him take it from here!