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The Most Liked/Disliked P90X Cast Members

In honour of the announcement of P90X3 , I figured I would go back and reminisce a bit about the good ol' cast from the original P90X. I give you my top 10 favourite P90X cast members (along with my top 5 most disliked).


10. Pam - I remember reading an interview with Pam where she states that she has no idea where the nickname "Pam the Blam!" came from. You can tell throughout Core Synergistics and Plyometrics that Pam just seems to be "down to earth. She is there strictly for business - get shit done and go home!


9. Maren - "German Potato Soup! If that ain't P90X soup, I don't know what is!" Sure, she has starred in at least one adult film (no, I am not linking it here) , but who hasn't...right?...right?....


8. Eric - The guy from Legs & Back. There are two reasons why he is on this list. One: for whatever reason, he really reminds me of the pirate from the movie Dodgeball. Two: next time you are doing Legs & Back, during the cool down, the cast are doing their swinging arm "huggers", and Tony walks over and says something along the lines of, "hug your neighbour". He and Dreya then proceed to hug mid-arm swing. The funny part, is that poor Eric, in the back, you can tell is not sure whether or not to follow along with Tony's lead and hug his  neighbour Sophia...but Sophia seems to quickly put the kibosh on that by avoiding him altogether. I laugh every. single. time.


7. Daniel - Daniel gave us the term "loose in the cage". Remember that part? Tony refers to what Daniel used  to be like prior to P90X. When you hear that, you are at a point where you are struggling through Shoulders & Arms, and it reminds you that exercise and a healthy lifestyle is a constant struggle.


6. Joe - Joe, like Bobby S., just seems like a cool guy to hang out with and hit the gym with. This guy's impeccable form and focus during his sets (even when the cameras are in his face) motivate you to stay focused and determined like he is. Not only that, but Joe is 1/3rd of the "triplets".


5. Dom -  I don't know about all of you, but the first time doing Plyometrics, I remember gasping for air doing the jump knee tucks while watching Dom do them at "double time" thinking to myself, "Wow, that is insane!" The thing is, he is motivating, and he pushes you to try and match him. Which I have, and can now kick his ass at Plyo-X!!!


4. Phil - I love this guy! I am not sure what it is about him, but his jokes and "tough guy" demeanour in Chest, Shoulders & Triceps cracks me up every time. The fact that he comes up with a funnier line than Tony ("Stirrin' up some trouble!") is also worth some bonus points!


3. Erik Stolhanske - Those familiar with the comedy group "Broken Lizard" should recognize Erik from such movies as Super Troopers and Beerfest (2 of my favourite comedies), but beyond that, this guy does Plyometics on one leg! 


2. Bobby Stevenson - Bobby just seems like a cool guy to workout with. He has a few funny moments with Tony, like when he decides to flex and show the guns in Back & Biceps, but beyond that, you can just tell he is working hard.


1. Tony Horton - Well this is kind of an obvious choice isn't it? The man himself brings plenty of one-liners throughout all of the workouts. Whether you love him or hate him, he is extremely motivating, even for the fact that around the age of 45 (when P90X was filmed) he can still BRING IT!

Most Disliked


1. Katie - By far my most disliked cast member in P90X. Her nasally voice drives my blood pressure through the roof every time I do Back & Biceps. I guess I should maybe thank her for helping me squeeze a few more reps out since my rage-o-meter is peaking every time she speaks...


2. Dreya - I know a lot of people like Dreya, but I honestly am not a big fan. Sure, she is very acrobatic and I am sure very good at what she does, but she seems very arrogant and pompous in the workouts she is in. 


3. Wesley - Ok, this is the guy who apparently helped Tony create the Kenpo-X workout. Considering he is the guy who helped design it, why does he appear to have the coordination and speed of an elephant? Not only that, but he is sweating like crazy, for really, quite a simple workout! He is honestly pretty forgettable since I can't even remember the last time I did this routine. 


4. Adam - Adam actually seems like a cool guy. The reason why he is on this list is because of his ridiculous midsection and his, seemingly , effortless way through Ab Ripper X!


5. Scotty - I actually like Scotty Fifer a lot! In fact, it pains me to put him on this list, especially after all of the humanitarian work he does, but the simple fact that Fifer Scissors are named after him makes me want to never name any of my children Scott...or Fifer for that matter. If you are reading this Scott (there's a chance), I am sorry, I really do like you!