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John's Awesome Body Beast Results

Are you afraid of gaining weight because you don't want to lose your definition? Check out John's outstanding Body Beast results. He put on some muscle mass and didn't lose any definition at all. If anything, it looks like he got even more ripped!

Here are my results from Body Beast round 1 - gained about 7 pounds of muscle - lost 1.5" off waist, chest increased 1/2-3/4" - arms both up 1/2" - body fat down 1.5%. I really enjoyed this program, I am sure I could have put on more muscle but I kept my daily calories lower than recommended as I did not want to put on too much weight yet. At first I did not like how the schedule had a rest day every 5-6 days as I was used to having a scheduled day off on the same day each week, but as I got near the end of the program I realized it doesn't matter what day of the week it is anymore because I am up at 530am no matter what!

My measurements are as follows:

Weight: start=160lbs, end=168lbs

Waist: start =33”, end=31.5”

Hips: start=37”, end=38”

Chest: start=38”, end=38.5”

Right upper arm: start=14.5”, end=15"

Left upper arm: start=14”, end=14.5”

Body fat % start=9.5%, end=7.5%