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Team Fitness for Life Home Gyms

Lately I've been discussing the benefits of working out at home, and I have even shown you my own home gym setup. I put the word out to my Challenge Group for anyone interested in sharing their home gym to send me pics, so that my readers can get an idea just how versatile and unique people's home gyms can be.

Not only that, but understand the dedication involved for many of these gyms to double as other functions in the home. One of the themes or goals of my blog lately, has been to show people that almost anyone can find a bit of space in their home to exercise. The great thing about working out at home, is that even though you may not have a multi-million dollar facility, you also don't need to pay to rent their equipment. You can build your own gym over time and build something great!

John S.

Here are a few photos of my gym - just in a small spare bedroom (no I didn't choose the awesome paint colour and wallpaper!). Started with just the resistance bands for p90x in 2011-12 and a pull up bar (have since upgraded to beachbody pull up system). I purchased the med balls, gymnastic balls, and SelectTech 552s in Dec 2012 to have ready for X2 in January. Just added the SelectTech1090s and bench this week! All in about $1400 but thats just 2 years of gym membership here and I will have it all forever! Also have a fan, and the TV has built in DVD player, use the black bookshelf as a tabletop to "Write it down"

Jeff T.

Here is my workout area. Nothing special. I did all of Insanity/Asylum vol 1 & 2 in my living room. Then moved everything else outside when I started P90X

Jason T. (Part 1)

I'm 6'4" so I need quite a bit of space to maneuver around. Our old living room was too cramped so I moved the kitchen table back and sort of worked out between the kitchen and computer room in the hallway. Trust me, there were plenty of times I cracked my hands and head on those low overhangs you see there lol.

Jason T. (Part 2)

Here's my (current) basement setup. As much as I hate to say it, I'm planning on replacing that awesome orange carpet with some rubber flooring soon. Hopefully early next year.

Dan M.

Sister's old room. Bowflex bench, Power Blocks adjustable dumbbells, EZ curl bars, and workout mat.  Very steak and potatoes.


Brenda M.

My home gym is my living room so I need a system where it can be tucked away easily. Everything is in my living room except the pull-up bar and chin-up assist.
Inventory: dumbbells (2, 5, 10, & 15s), medicine balls x4, resistance bands x6, agility ladder, rumble roller, roller, TV, DVD player, Audio player, yoga mat, push-up stands, Insanity, Asylum Volumes 1&2, P90X, P90X2, Power 90, 10 min. Trainer, TurboFire, T25, T25 Gamma. not pictured - pull-up bar (for doorway) and chin-up assist. I  also workout at least 2 times per week at work! There, it is a classroom, DVD/projector and a yoga mat!


Brent G.

I workout in the 3rd car garage area of my house. I love it in this room. I have a large rug for cushioning and my TV is an old one with a built in DVD and VHS player. My other gear includes stability ball, bowflex select tech dumb bells, a couple free weight dumb bells, homemade medicine ball, yoga mat, ab roller, and the pull up bar hangs in the door frame. This room also holds all my other "toys". You can see my skis and my bicycles hang up behind the main picture.

Greg H.

Fridge has water bottles & shakers ready for pre workout & post / recovery shakes .
A Years worth of workouts already to go, beside the TV,
Love my garage, man heaven !

Robert G.

Here is my area. I think it's taken me like 4 years or so to get all the equipment I have. I still need to buy some heavier weights but maybe next year. Oh and I remember trying to sell the TV I use for the longest time but glad I never did.

Andrew B.

I started into fitness about 12 years ago.  I was overweight so I got a treadmill.  After losing a lot of weight it was time to bulk up.  For that I got a bowflex.  When I progressed beyond that I started to lift free weights.   Recently I have been getting into Beach Body programs to add dynamic training to my workouts.  This was a good excuse to buy a lot of fun equipment (pull up bar, bands, medicine balls, etc...).

Gary W.

Larry N.

Another interesting tidbit about my home gym that my wife and I put together. We actually met in a commercial gym, training at 4am. I figured anyone dedicated to their workouts like I am is worth dating! We are still together 17 years later!

Scotty C.

My home gym doubles as a living room. I had to modify the pull-up bar because my door frame is wider than all pull-up bars on the market, some PVC pipe, foam covering to ensure that it doesn't destroy my door frame and tape to hold it all together. Bowflex 1090's, 1 rumble roller, 1 foam roller, 4 medicine ball, 2 stability balls, a bench, resistance bands, e-z curl bar with 2 35's, 2 25's, 4 10's, 2 5's, and 2 2.5's, Tony Horton PowerStands, yoga mat and jump mat, I use both for yoga, because yoga mat on carpet doesn't work, and an Indo Board.

Scott N.

I converted one of the guest bedrooms into my home gym. It's a gradual work in progress and it gets the job done. Buddha's there for encouragement:)


Weekly Newsletter

Hey Everybody

Holy smokes this year has been flying by...November starts on Friday! I hope you are all doing your best at staying away from the Halloween candy...or at the very least, limiting yourself to just a few treats.

Remember that from about this point, on, people tend to let things "slide" at the end of the year. And by slide, I mean all of that junk food and drink slide down their throats. From Canadian Thanksgiving in October, Halloween, American Thanksgiving in November, right on through holiday and Christmas parties throughout November and December, and of course Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah (and any other holidays) and New Year's. The very least you could do for yourself during this time of year with all of the indulgences, would be to consistently exercise and get as much nutrition into you as possible (Shakeology anyone?) beyond all of the junk you will be consuming.

Anyways, with November right around the corner, there are also lots of exciting things to discuss, so let's get to it!

1. You have until midnight on October 31st to take advantage of Beachbody's Current Promotions. Over $90 off both the P90X and P90X2 Challenge Packs. With the holidays just around the corner, even if you already have P90X and/or X2, you could pick up some Shakeology for yourself, and give the program away to a friend/family member as a gift!

2. Last chance to sign up for my 60-Day Coach Training course (starts Monday November 4th).

3.. Here is my latest post in P90X University: Plyometrics.

4. I have been hard at work finishing my basement, as well as the space here devoted to my home gym. I have had a lot of requests to see the new gym, and although it is not done (yet), here is a detailed post showing the progress so far.

5. My thoughts on downloading your workout programs...

6. For those of you who aren't following me on Facebook or Twitter yet, or for those of you who DO follow me, make sure to keep an eye out at 8pm on Mondays-Fridays. I have written so many great, insightful blogs that may get missed by so many, especially those of you new to the team, that I figured I would go through and post my favourite/most popular blogs and post from my archive. Here are the 2 I've posted so far:

Small Changes Add Up

Don't Forget About Your Sleep

7. Not really sure why, but Beachbody is announcing their November promotions a day early (October 31st). So, if you are interested in what's going to be offered at discount for November, make sure to check out my website tomorrow. (p.s. I honestly have no idea what's on sale, so just check back with my then!)

And 2 favors that I ask:

1) If you like the hard work I put into writing my blogs and videos, PLEASE help me out by sharing them.  Click the share links below them and share them on FB, Twitter, etc.  It really helps me get more exposure and grow our team!

2) Also, as always, remember that the way I benefit from being your coach is that I earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase, as long as you buy them through my site, tylerrobbinsfitness.com. It helps with the amount of time I spend answering all your questions, writing my blogs, filming my videos, and helping you out. Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Everyone have a great week!

Illegal Downloads

I have analytics set up through my website provider Squarespace, so I am able to see how people 'find' my website through various search queries. 

I am quite amazed at how many times "P90X Free Download" or "Body Beast Free Download" shows up in that list. Well, maybe I'm not surprised...P90X is, after all, the most pirated DVD in the world. 

This blog is not meant to discuss ethics. If you are the type of person that believes that it is ok to take something from a business or individual without compensating, then so be it, that is your can of worms. 

Instead, I want to discuss the exact reasoning behind this and hope to help you sort things out...if you are in fact one of those types of people who believe in freebies. 

Honestly, I see the allure of getting something for "free." The idea that you can get the top-selling home workout program (P90X) of all time, for example, without having to do a thing. But, truly ask yourself, is this how you approach all things in your life related to your health?

Do you really feel as though your health and wellbeing is literally worthless? 

Whenever I discuss health and fitness goals with my clients, I always try and get them to understand the importance of investing. You must work hard for your money, and wish to invest it in things that improve your life, correct? Maybe you invest in purchasing your living arrangements (house, apartment, condo, etc.). You probably invest in some form of transportation (car, bus, subway, etc.). You certainly invest in what you eat and drink, as that is required to live!  Then, there are other investments, like car maintenance, house maintenance, going to see the doctor, the dentist, etc. 

By downloading a home workout program, "just because you can," sends a clear message. Sure, you may not think this way, but deep down inside, you know that you are short-changing yourself. You are placing a price on your health and well-being, which is literally nothing! 

I have never come across a single individual who has downloaded a pirated copy of a home workout program, and had tremendous results. Why? Well, there's probably a list of reasons, but to me, I think it is the lack of accountability. 

I remember back to when I first purchased P90X, as well as other home workout programs I have purchased since then. I discuss the purchase with my wife, and the conversation always goes the same way. "Sure, go for it! Just use it!" 

I work hard to make an earning as well, so when I take my hard-earned cash, and decide to put it towards a workout program, I am doing so with the mindset that if I don't  succeed, then I am just flushing my money down the toilet!

So, for someone who has just gone ahead and downloaded a copy of a program, they are missing that extra accountability to succeed. They are missing that reason to press play every day. 

I also train clients in person. I always tell them as well, that by paying me to come and train you, you are not only getting a workout program designed for you, but you are getting an accountability partner. Someone who is going to keep you motivated. Just because that motivation is coming through your TV screen does not mean that you have to cheapen the experience...