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Beachbody's Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Modifications

Body Beast's "Build Phase" routines are quite well-rounded routines in my opinion, that is why I did not make too many changes to them. The "Bulk Phase" routines, on the other hand need a few more modifications to them. After each blog, I will explain why I made the changes that I did.

Bulk: Shoulders

Single Set
Standing Barbell Press

Super Set
Lateral Raise
Arnold Press

Progressive Set
Upright Row

Super Set
Alternating Front Raise
Plate Twist-Twist

Progressive Set
Reverse Fly

Single Set
Shrugs (Bar)

I was quite underwhelmed by Bulk Shoulders from my first round of Body Beast. In fact, I would say that as-is, Build: Shoulders is a better workout. So, I added two sets to this routine, bookending the routine.

At the beginning of the routine, I will do a standing barbell press with full chanting of "Arnold, Arnold, Arnold" (see video), and at the end I will add shrugs.

Any questions? Let me know!