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Day 365 - A Year's Worth of Blogs

Well, a year ago today, I set out with this crazy goal/mission to post a blog every single day for 365 straight days. Today, marks the successful completion of said goal with my 365th straight blog!

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Day 354 - P90X2 Base and Back Latest Numbers

Well, I posted my latest numbers for Chest, Back, and Balance, so here are my latest numbers for Base & Back as well:

Exercise - Round 1 reps, Round 2 reps

No Kip Pull-up - 15 reps, 13 reps

Plyo Frog Squat - 30 reps, 30 reps

Wide Leg Close Grip Chin-up - 15 reps, 13 reps

Chair Jump - 20 reps, 20 reps

Chin Pull - 16 reps, 14 reps

Plyo Lunge Press - 15lbs (each hand) 25 reps, 15lbs (each hand) 25 reps

V Pull-up - 12 reps, 10 reps

Surfer Spin (I do the "Run Stance Switch" from P90X Plyo-X) - 30 reps, 30 reps

Kippy Cross Fugly Pull - 16 reps, 16 reps

Jack-in-the-Box Knee Tucks - 25 reps, 25 reps

Quote of the day:

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."

~ Frederick Douglass

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