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Patrick has lost over 200lbs!

at 320lbs

at 320lbs

Patrick is a new member here at Tyler Robbins Fitness. As soon as I met him, I was absolutely floored by his transformation story. This guy has lost over 200lbs. so far! He was 400lbs. at one point, but is now down to 198lbs! Way to go Patrick, you are a true inspiration to so many.

Here's Patrick's story: 

The best way to tell you about me would be to tell you about my journey thus far.
Everything before a little under two years ago was the old me, someone I wouldn't want to meet. I was not happy, though you'd never know it. Think Chris Farley before the stroke who was a notch above the van and the river.
Something had to change.
Looking awesome at 198lbs.!

Looking awesome at 198lbs.!

Without going into detail (Yea, I know, we're beyond that point) I made a promise to someone. That promise began at about 400 lbs. 6 months into the process I was down to roughly 320 lbs. I began going to the gym, doing basic cardio treadmill stuff and using machines for resistance. After another 6 months, I had reached roughly 260 Lbs.
At this point many people were wondering when I'd regress back. It's at this point my journey led me to the paleo/primal lifestyle. I slowly began to incorporate the ideas and philosophies behind them into my daily life with the help of a friend, who was very patient in explaining it all to me. Soon I also discovered the great people at Beachbody. From the first day, I never hated myself nor was I hooked on something so much.
Now, after about 2 years, I'm a healthy-ier-ish 190 lbs. and my views on life have changed. I now understand that my weight loss was just the vessel for something more. It's not about how you/I/anyone is going to look when we finish our goal, it's about inspiring others and getting them to ask the hardest question "How can I do what you did?" and answer them without preaching.
It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do in life, but I'm on the right path now.


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