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"Dillon and Dutch" - 30 minute Back & Biceps Workout


The scene that inspired the naming of this workout:

Team Fitness for Life Home Gyms

Lately I've been discussing the benefits of working out at home, and I have even shown you my own home gym setup. I put the word out to my Challenge Group for anyone interested in sharing their home gym to send me pics, so that my readers can get an idea just how versatile and unique people's home gyms can be.

Not only that, but understand the dedication involved for many of these gyms to double as other functions in the home. One of the themes or goals of my blog lately, has been to show people that almost anyone can find a bit of space in their home to exercise. The great thing about working out at home, is that even though you may not have a multi-million dollar facility, you also don't need to pay to rent their equipment. You can build your own gym over time and build something great!

John S.

Here are a few photos of my gym - just in a small spare bedroom (no I didn't choose the awesome paint colour and wallpaper!). Started with just the resistance bands for p90x in 2011-12 and a pull up bar (have since upgraded to beachbody pull up system). I purchased the med balls, gymnastic balls, and SelectTech 552s in Dec 2012 to have ready for X2 in January. Just added the SelectTech1090s and bench this week! All in about $1400 but thats just 2 years of gym membership here and I will have it all forever! Also have a fan, and the TV has built in DVD player, use the black bookshelf as a tabletop to "Write it down"

Jeff T.

Here is my workout area. Nothing special. I did all of Insanity/Asylum vol 1 & 2 in my living room. Then moved everything else outside when I started P90X

Jason T. (Part 1)

I'm 6'4" so I need quite a bit of space to maneuver around. Our old living room was too cramped so I moved the kitchen table back and sort of worked out between the kitchen and computer room in the hallway. Trust me, there were plenty of times I cracked my hands and head on those low overhangs you see there lol.

Jason T. (Part 2)

Here's my (current) basement setup. As much as I hate to say it, I'm planning on replacing that awesome orange carpet with some rubber flooring soon. Hopefully early next year.

Dan M.

Sister's old room. Bowflex bench, Power Blocks adjustable dumbbells, EZ curl bars, and workout mat.  Very steak and potatoes.


Brenda M.

My home gym is my living room so I need a system where it can be tucked away easily. Everything is in my living room except the pull-up bar and chin-up assist.
Inventory: dumbbells (2, 5, 10, & 15s), medicine balls x4, resistance bands x6, agility ladder, rumble roller, roller, TV, DVD player, Audio player, yoga mat, push-up stands, Insanity, Asylum Volumes 1&2, P90X, P90X2, Power 90, 10 min. Trainer, TurboFire, T25, T25 Gamma. not pictured - pull-up bar (for doorway) and chin-up assist. I  also workout at least 2 times per week at work! There, it is a classroom, DVD/projector and a yoga mat!


Brent G.

I workout in the 3rd car garage area of my house. I love it in this room. I have a large rug for cushioning and my TV is an old one with a built in DVD and VHS player. My other gear includes stability ball, bowflex select tech dumb bells, a couple free weight dumb bells, homemade medicine ball, yoga mat, ab roller, and the pull up bar hangs in the door frame. This room also holds all my other "toys". You can see my skis and my bicycles hang up behind the main picture.

Greg H.

Fridge has water bottles & shakers ready for pre workout & post / recovery shakes .
A Years worth of workouts already to go, beside the TV,
Love my garage, man heaven !

Robert G.

Here is my area. I think it's taken me like 4 years or so to get all the equipment I have. I still need to buy some heavier weights but maybe next year. Oh and I remember trying to sell the TV I use for the longest time but glad I never did.

Andrew B.

I started into fitness about 12 years ago.  I was overweight so I got a treadmill.  After losing a lot of weight it was time to bulk up.  For that I got a bowflex.  When I progressed beyond that I started to lift free weights.   Recently I have been getting into Beach Body programs to add dynamic training to my workouts.  This was a good excuse to buy a lot of fun equipment (pull up bar, bands, medicine balls, etc...).

Gary W.

Larry N.

Another interesting tidbit about my home gym that my wife and I put together. We actually met in a commercial gym, training at 4am. I figured anyone dedicated to their workouts like I am is worth dating! We are still together 17 years later!

Scotty C.

My home gym doubles as a living room. I had to modify the pull-up bar because my door frame is wider than all pull-up bars on the market, some PVC pipe, foam covering to ensure that it doesn't destroy my door frame and tape to hold it all together. Bowflex 1090's, 1 rumble roller, 1 foam roller, 4 medicine ball, 2 stability balls, a bench, resistance bands, e-z curl bar with 2 35's, 2 25's, 4 10's, 2 5's, and 2 2.5's, Tony Horton PowerStands, yoga mat and jump mat, I use both for yoga, because yoga mat on carpet doesn't work, and an Indo Board.

Scott N.

I converted one of the guest bedrooms into my home gym. It's a gradual work in progress and it gets the job done. Buddha's there for encouragement:)


"But what do you do for cardio?"

I highly recommend you head over and check out Tony's post because it is a great, quick read! It also summarizes what I have been thinking about over the past year - year and a half, but have finally gotten my thoughts together to articulate what I wanted to say.

I get questions from people ALL the time, especially when it comes to doing a program like P90X  - what about the cardio? Don't even get me started on the people who are coming off of doing a program like Insanity...I think these folks think that their hearts are going to shrivel up and die because they don't have their beloved jumping up and down at a million miles an hour.

Let me state this one thing loud and clear. If you are looking for a challenge, a way to improve your cardio conditioning, a way to lose weight, etc. Insanity is pretty hard to beat. It is a great (albeit, HARD) home workout program. It really does test you physically. However, don't for a second think that it is the only way to get "fit," nor is it right for everyone.

One of my most popular blogs of all time is: "Should I do Insanity if I'm a skinny guy and can't keep my weight up?

 Dec 20 2012 - 170lbs.

Keep in mind that cardiovascular exercise is determined to be doing something that elevates your heart rate to a level above resting for a certain period of time. You do NOT need to get your heart rate to pound through the roof in order to lose weight. In fact, unless you are specifically training for a specific cardiovascular-specific event (5k, marathon, hockey, soccer, etc.) then lifting some heavy things, and getting your heart rate up a bit will work just fine to keep you healthy and at a reasonable weight. 

Want more proof? Over the past year and a half, I feel as though I have drastically cut back on how much "cardio" I do. I have grown up playing soccer and hockey, and have enjoyed training for Tough Mudders and the World's Toughest Mudder, and I was definitely in great shape, but it didn't really change the way I look all that much, nor did it need to be done to make me "healthier." 

So, since I have cut out a lot of my "traditional cardio," I have substituted in more heavy lifting, compound lifting, all in attempt to work towards new goals - gaining weight and muscle. I think I have changed a lot during this time and still feel great! 

Another misconception that I come across all the time is; I need "cardio" to lose weight. Not true at all. Remember that exercise is great for your body, and it can help  you lose weight, but weight is largely controlled by what you consume. If you want to gain weight - eat a lot. If you want to lose weight - eat less....

Oct 25 2013 - 188lbs

At the end of the day, what I'm saying is, don't be so attached to the idea of "traditional cardiovascular exercise." As Tony Gentilcore mentions in his post, just try and do 20 heavy squats without getting your heart rate up. 

Beachbody Body Beast Bulk Legs Latest Numbers

split squat.jpg

It was just one of those mornings. I had ZERO interest in pressing play this morning. Not sure if it was a crappier sleep, or the fact that I am on holidays in 2 days, but I was just not in the mood. But, like many of you, I kicked my shitty attitude out of the way and got to work!

What followed was pretty much what happens to me every time I have "one of those days", I ended up having an AWESOME workout, felt very strong, and was able to up a few of my weights. One of the main reasons for my interest in a proper squat rack was to work my legs like never before, and I definitely feel as though I have been doing just that. I have a few more rounds of Bulk Legs when I get back from Jamaica, but I just wanted to post my latest numbers for all of you here. All weights are listed as total weight - plates and bar. You'll also notice my modifications I have done to this routine to suit my goals.

sl dl.jpg

Front to Back Lunge
Reps 12-10-8
Weight 65-85-105lbs

Progressive Set Back Squat
Reps 15-12-8-8-12-15
Weight 95-125-165-165-125-95lbs

Force Set Back Squat
Reps 5-5-5-5-5
Weight 105-105-105-105-105lbs

Progressive Set Split Squat
Reps 15-12-8-8-12-15
Weight 95-115-135-135-115-95lbs


Stiff Leg Deadlift
Reps 15-12-8-8
Weight 95-115-135-115lbs

Alternating Side Squat
Reps 10-10-10
Weight 2x25-2x25-2x25lbs

Single-Leg Calf Raise
Reps 12-12
Weight 60-60lbs

BONUS 2-Leg Calf Raises
Reps 15-12-8-8

Weight 155-175-215-195lbs