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6-Week Project: Muscle-Up


6-Week Project: Muscle-Up


This 6-week program is designed to progress you towards a strict ring muscle-up, a kipping ring muscle-up, as well as a kipping bar muscle-up. Follow the workouts as written - 2 workouts/week for 6 weeks.

This guide is focusing on two main components of muscle-ups:

  1. Shoulder strength and stability
  2. Muscle-up skill progressions

If you cannot complete a muscle-up by the end of this guide, do not worry, it may take some more strength and/or skill progressions. The strength and skill progressions are structured in such a way to help you progress, so by repeating this guide, you can continue to intensify the exercises listed below to help you achieve your goal(s).

As you progress through each session, make sure you can competently complete the skill and accessory work, this should not be overlooked. If you cannot complete all of the skill and accessory work (be honest with yourself!) go back to session one and repeat as necessary until you can complete the guide.

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