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For years you have been asking us for an easy to use Shakeology sampling option and it has finally arrived – the Taste Sampler! This handy box will allow you to try our most popular flavors of Shakeology before committing to a full bag. Read the below FAQ and find out how to get this amazing new product!

What is the Shakeology Taste Sampler? What's included?
The Shakeology Taste Sampler is a great way to try Shakeology before committing to a full size order. Each sampler comes in a small green shipper carton containing 4 single-serve packet of Shakeology (2 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla and 1 Greenberry), a copy of the Shakeology Welcome Guide and a customized insert featuring 6 different mouth-watering recipes.

How can I get the new Shakeology Taste Sampler?
The Taste Sampler will be available for purchase by 11:59 PM PST on Monday, September 23rd in the Team Beachbody shop online (Shakeology section), in the Coach Mobile App or by calling Customer Service. Please note, there is a purchase limit of only 1 Taste Sampler per person.

I want to order more than 1 of these. Is that possible?
We have limited purchase of the Taste Sampler to one per Team Beachbody account so that no one can buy these on an on-going basis instead of a full-size Shakeology. At this time we cannot make exceptions for Coaches vs. Customers.

Why is there a limit of only 1 Taste Sampler per person? What if I want to order more than 1?
By purchasing this taste sampler one time, each prospective customer will be able to sample and decide which flavor of the full size product they'd like to buy. The sampler is designed for trial, not for ongoing consumption of Shakeology.

Will a Vegan version of the Taste Sampler ever be offered?
Yes, we are planning to make a Vegan version of the Taste Sampler available in the future. Check back with us for updates!

Can I modify what flavors I get in my Taste Sampler?
Not at this time, we may offer a different flavor assortment in the future, but for now it is not possible to customize the shake flavors offered in the Taste Sampler.

Will the Shakeology Taste Sampler be offered on the Spanish TBB store as well?
Yes, the Taste Sampler will be available for purchase in the Spanish Team Beachbody shop online on or before October 16. Please note: At this time, there is no Spanish version of the Taste Sampler. All materials are in English only.

Where can I find the nutritional information and ingredients for each of the flavors included in the Taste Sampler?
You can download the PDF of the ingredients and supplement facts at bottom of the Shakeology.com home page.

Shakeology Taste Sampler

Retail Price: $19.95

Club Price: $17.96

Coach Price: $14.96