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B.Sc. Biochemistry, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT/CF-L3), USA Weightlifting Level 1

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Welcome to my Tyler Robbins Fitness (TRF) Plus. Each month, I will be offering a month-long service to those of you interested in taking your health and fitness to the next level. You may purchase each month's service during any day of the calendar month to take advantage of the following services:

One on One Coaching/Support

TRF Plus Subscribers can email Tyler at any time throughout the month to get advice on a wide range of anything health and fitness related. Common questions may include:

  • Diet advice
  • Goal-based programming
  • Addressing correct exercise form
  • Discussions about current research

One on one support includes email conversations, video chat (by appointment), and even sending videos or images of yourself for form advice from Tyler. Tyler will analyze your photos or video and make annotations on the images or videos themselves and send them back to you. This will be the closest thing to Coaching you in person as can be!

Monthly Workout

Every month, Tyler will record and release a workout exclusive to TRF Plus subscribers only. Workouts are varied and can include strength-based resistance training, hypertrophy training, cardiovascular-based circuits, dynamic warm-ups, mobility training, etc. Every month will be something different. Every workout your purchase will be archived so that you will have access to it indefinitely.

Here are just some of the workouts currently in planning/development for the coming months:

  • 30 minute Chest & Back routine
  • Cardio Intervals
  • Performance Legs (Post Activation Potentiation)
  • Mobility Improvement
  • Legs & Shoulders

Check out a few of my current free workouts:

Monthly Recipe

You will receive one new recipe every month. These recipes are lunches and dinners that Tyler himself consumes on a regular basis. Recipes will include all ingredients needed, how to prepare and cook, as well as all relevant nutrition information per meal or serving.

"Things you should read!"

There is a wide range of articles, topics, research papers, and news items coming out about health and fitness every day. Each month, you will receive a succinct list on what is worth your time to read and what is relevant. These are items that Tyler has personally read and finds worth your time.

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"I recently sent Tyler some videos for form review being a member of TRF+ and WOW the response I got was excellent. He sent a very long and detailed write up about my form issues along with paused screenshots from my videos with arrows indicating when the breakdown occurred. Also some tips and cues to help me get it sorted out and offer to setup a time for a live session if I so desired. For how detailed the write up it was also a very fast response time! Thanks again Tyler!"

-Aaron H. (USA)


What does TRF+ cost?

Each edition will cost $10. Each month, there will be a 15% discount if you purchase within the first week (email me for promo code). If you are an official Team Fitness for Life member, you are entitled to a 25% discount, valid through the entire month, every month.

What if I am already on your team as you are my Team Beachbody Coach?

All Team Beachbody members on my team will be offered online support and advice (through email or video chat) for products that have been purchased through my Team Beachbody store within 90 days after purchase.