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TRF Plus May 2015


TRF Plus May 2015


Welcome to the edition two of TRF Plus! Included in this edition: a delicious chicken cacciatore with mashed potatoes recipe, a 30 minute Dumbbell Core Cardio workout, and some great articles and studies to read about current trends and research topics in the world of health and fitness. If you wish to see something else included in future editions, please let me know, I am open to suggestions!

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Included in this issue:

  • 30 minute Dumbbell Core Cardio workout*
  • Chicken cacciatore with mashed potatoes recipe
  • "What to read" with hot topics and studies I have hand-selected as worthwhile reads in the world of health and fitness
  • Online Coaching and advice with Tyler any time during the month of May 2015**

*Equipment needed for Dumbbell Core Cardio workout includes: light pair of dumbbells, barbell with rack (optional).

**Online Coaching includes email correspondence and live video chat. Live video chat can be done through either Google Hangouts or Apple FaceTime but by appointment only. Coaching can cover anything health and fitness related including, but not exclusive to: proper exercise form, dietary and nutrition advice, program planning, establishing goals, etc.


"O.M.G. Just completed this workout and....yep it really push's you into the ground The amount of D.N.A. I left on the floor after 24mins of solid core cardio was amazing. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to push the envelope and I dare you to add this workout onto the back of another workout like I did today 1167 cals recorded...now I have to eat more today than I planned !!!"

-Gary W.